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Parts List that I use

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circuitbrd.jpg (27752 bytes) A total of five holes are drilled in the black plastic case.   You may want to purchase a drill bit set if you do not already possess one.
potentio.jpg (59319 bytes) This is the "pot" with the original back in the background, and is shown the switch, purchased separately that snaps in, carefully with the black peg inserted between the two white pegs of the switch.  This switch is the new back, and the original metal back is thrown away.
circuitbrd2.jpg (46047 bytes) Here is shown the entire circuit, except the L.E.D. is not in the connector in the top right corner, and the batteries are not snapped in. The shiny circle at the upper right of the circuit board is the top end view of the electrolytic capacitor.  The black jack at the bottom is the lead connector for the electric pulse.  The white jack at the right side with a light bulb is the connector jack for the leads to the silver wires.
image7.jpg (85359 bytes) Here is a view with the parts mounted. The two parts that I glued in are the L.E.D. and the light bulb. The L.E.D. connecter I scraped from an old junk p.c. (personal computer)
image9.jpg (9175 bytes)image8.jpg (7765 bytes) It was tricky to get a photo of both states of the blinking L.E.D. but possible with a modern digital camera on the multi exposure mode. Shown are the green and red states of the bi-polar L.E.D.
3bats.jpg (79882 bytes) 3 battery holders fastened to the metal lid cover of the case.  This is mounted under the black plastic cover, so both are screwed down on the case.
Pictures of the board full size | case | board 1 | board 2 | board 3 | board 4 | board 5 |